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Beyond the Hall of Marvel's (2015)
Beyond the Hall of Marvel's, Nancy Mauro-Flude, installation detail. Contemporary Art Tasmania. Photo: Lou P Conboy (2015).

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Microbites of Innovation Showcase

Microbites of Innovation is the Art Track of the Creativity and Cognition 2017 conference which will bring together a unique selection of international artists with diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds. The showcase responds to the emergent conditions of a networked world - a realm increasingly transmitted through ubiquitous fibers, decoded systems, and micro-bytes of (bio)technological advancement. The curators have invited proposals to draw upon critical and speculative methods which may probe and scrutinise the techno-utopian visions of a society empowered by sensing technologies, bio sequencing systems, and data clouds. The artworks premise should question various forms of bio-techno embodiment on an aesthetic, cognitive, genetic, and even a microbial level; revealing that the inner workings of technological innovation are open to critical inspection. Hosted at a prestigious venue for art and science in Singapore, spectators are invited to join the artists in their contemplations by connecting through the showcased assemblage of performances, interfaces and apparati - notwithstanding additional unique programmed events that will allow for considered, speculative and meaningful exchange. The 11th Creativity and Cognition conference is an inaugural event for Asia and the Microbites of Innovation Art Track is an exciting opportunity to bring the audience closer to the front line of aesthetically oriented advances in Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Call for Artworks

The Art Track theme Microbites of Innovation invites the authors to address issues in diverse areas of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) innovation including microcomputing (embedded systems, wearables, implantables) as well as biotechnological art (wetware, food and microbiological art, biohacking). We are calling for creative proposals including installations, live and non human performances, prototypes, and demos from authors working at the intersection of Art, Design and HCI. The theme Microbites of Innovation is proposed as a creative mirroring of the main C&C conference theme Lifelong Creativity, Learning and Innovation.

Areas to be addressed include (but are not limited to) the conference theme of Lifelong Creativity, Learning, and Innovation. Other suggested themes include:

All selected works will be showcased at a prominent art and science platform which will enable the authors to interact with audiences of diverse backgrounds and interests in science, technology, art, and design. Local and regional participation is particularly encouraged. The curators would also like to invite proposals from students in New Media, Interaction Design, Fine Arts programs (and beyond). The C&C Art Track seeks to support both established and emerging artists including those located beyond the field of academia. Authors of Art Track proposals do not need to have previous experiences from large HCI events and conferences such as C&C.


Submissions must contain a two-page proposal describing the artwork and authors. At the author's discretion, submissions may also include supplemental documentation to help with the evaluation process. All submission materials must be submitted through the Precision Conference website.
Your proposal must be two pages or less. The proposal must be formatted using the two-column ACM SIGCHI Proceedings Format. Do not use the extended abstracts format. Your proposal should include:
Supplemental documentation
Supplemental documents can be included with the main submission on the Precision Conference submission page. The supplemental documentation may include:

Please note that the space and equipment availability is limited and unusual requirements may restrict the possibility of acceptance of the work.

Upon acceptance, authors will also be required to submit a brief summary (max 150 words) of their work to be included in the conference program and website (not in the archived proceedings). The submitted proposals will be externally peer reviewed and the presentation of selected works will be integrated into the conference program in a showcase format. Please note accepted submissions may need to be revised based on committee peer review and for acceptance as an archival publication. The Art Track chairs are committed to providing pertinent reviews for a diverse range of hybrid art forms and experientially rich methods suggested by the author.

Where to Submit

Proposals must be submitted through the Precision Conference website and must use the two-column ACM SIGCHI Proceedings format (Templates are available for Latex and Word; submissions must be exported and uploaded in pdf format). The total size of all submitted materials should not exceed 100Mb (use URLs for files over 100Mb). Please note that although submissions will be subjected to external peer-review, the submissions are not required to be anonymous.

Review Criteria

The submitted works should possess the following:

C&C Art Track Bursary - Applications due March 12, 2017 @ 25:59 anywhere in the world

The SIGCHI Funding award aims to support new and/or unaffiliated artists, particularly those from the local area and region, to attend the C&C Art Track and make a contribution. The SIGCHI Funding can partially cover minimal artist fee and transport to/from Singapore (but not expenses for attending the C&C conference such as accommodation or per diem). The SIGCHI Funding will be awarded by the C&C Art Track chairs. Applicants who have their proposal for C&C Art Track accepted by the organisers of the current C&C Art Track are eligible to receive the award. The structure of your Bursary motivational letter should be simple and straightforward [1.5 page Max, 11pt font]. Apart from your integrity, you need to point the reason why you are qualified for C&C Art Track Bursary 2017. Submit your application to

Attendance and Acceptance Policy

All accepted works will be exhibited for the duration 26 June–2 July. As part of the showcase the exhibiting artists are not only required to be present for the installation and de-installation, but also to interact with the public audience and provide information about their works at scheduled times to be negotiated with Art Track Chairs. Artworks must be installed on 26 June by the exhibiting artist or affiliated party - there will be Student Volunteers to help; however the installation is first and foremost the artist's responsibility. Note: All the expenses related to the works including shipping and installation has to be paid by the artists themselves. However, works that have been accepted for the exhibition will be able to apply for the Bursary to support their work and travel arrangements where applicable. It is important to understand that no other funds are available to support the shipping or insurance of artworks. Further details about the production side of the showcase will be shared with the artists upon their acceptance.


Submission Types

Full & Short Papers


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