Award for Best Contribution to Creative Communication

Among the accepted submissions to the conference program, an award will be given for the best contribution to creative communication. The award targets the most innovative contribution to concepts and products that combine creativity and communication in ways that influence the way people use digital media in the future. An accepted submission, in any category, is eligible for the award. Of particular interest are artworks, technology demonstrations, and technical papers that report on newly designed systems or artefacts. The award is intended to promote designers, artists, and technologists who are innovating for a more creative and connected world. The award will include a certificate, complimentary registration to the 2017 ACM Creativity & Cognition conference, and £ 1000 paid directly to the primary author of the selected submission.

The award is in memory of Emma Candy.

Selection Criteria
The award will go to the submmission that the committee judges as the best submission against criteria 1 and 2, while also adequately satisfying the remaining criteria.

  1. Communication: The winning entry will support communication and foster collaboration between individuals or within communities.
  2. Creativity: The winning entry will support enhanced creativity.

  3. Eligibility: Primary authors must be under 45 years of age.
  4. Design innovation: The concept is new and adds something to what we have.
  5. Design for realisation: The concept is realistic in that it can be implemented at reasonable cost.
  6. Design for use: Usability and learning issues are properly considered.
  7. Value to society: The contribution can be shown to have the potential for social benefit.
  8. Performance and reliability in use: The concept can either be shown to perform well in practice and be reliable or it is shown that it has the potential for such an implementation.

Submission Types

Full & Short Papers


Technology Demonstrations




Graduate Student Symposium

Creative Communication Award