CC2017 Call for Technology Demonstrations

Important Dates

Deadlines are specified as Anywhere on Earth time.

Demos Chair

Call Description

Technology demonstrations should describe how the demonstration connects to creativity and cognition and how the demonstration will invite participation from or otherwise engage the conference attendees. Submissions can be up to 2 pages in length, excluding references. Authors must include an additional document describing the technical requirements of the demonstration, such as requirements for space, lighting, network connections, projectors, screens, etc. This information must be submitted as a supplementary document in the submission system. Demonstrations that cannot be reasonably accommodated will be rejected.

Demonstrations will be reviewed independent of other tracks. Therefore, for example, if authors want to submit both a demonstration and a poster, the authors need to make two separate submissions, one for the demonstration and one for poster, as described in the respective calls.


The research abstract should use the format and templates described in the Call for Papers. The total size of all submitted materials, including a video figure, should not exceed 100 Mb. If you are unsure of what constitutes a well-formed technology demonstration submission, see the many examples in the ACM Digital Library for our conference.

Where to Submit

Precision Conference web site.

Video figures (optional)

Video figures may accompany a paper submission for the purpose of review. They are strongly encouraged but not required. The CHI and UIST guides to producing video figures are useful.

Anonymization Policy

All demonstrations must be anonymized for review. Author and affiliation sections and credits must be left blank. Authors of accepted submissions will add this information in preparation of the "camera-ready" version. We are using the ACM CHI Anonymization Policy of blind reviewing. We use a relaxed model that does not attempt to conceal all traces of identity from the body of the paper. Authors are expected to remove author and institutional identities from the title and header areas of the paper, as noted in the submission instructions (Note: changing the text color of the author information is not sufficient). Also, please make sure that identifying information does not appear in the document's meta-data (e.g., the 'Authors' field in your word processor's 'Save As' dialog box). Authors should cite their own work in the third person, e.g., avoid "As described in our previous work [10], ... " and use instead "As described by [10], ..."

Attendance Policy

At least one author of an accepted demonstration is required to pay the appropriate registration fee and is required to attend the conference in-person to present the work.


Submission Types

Full & Short Papers


Technology Demonstrations




Graduate Student Symposium

Creative Communication Award