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Brewed in HotGlue
Keep going, on to infinity, folding and folding...
- Samatha Clark (2007) _The Subtle Ether_. after Helge von Koch (1904)
Microbites of Innovation Artwork [Details]
┬╗Aquatocene / Subaquatic quest for serenity┬ź
An Autonomous Writing Machine
Better Hands
Beyond Visualisation
Byte Blocks
Child in the Wild
Do Silhouettes Dream?
Emotion Hero
Food Phreaking
In Running
Learn to Fail
What is The Human? Imagining the Self as Post Human
Let's Make Love
No Such Luck
Posthuman Research "Advisory 16 (Some Nudity)"
Study for a camera on a plot of land in the desert
Three Exercises in Visual Perception for The Sensorium
Yarncraft and Cognition 
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