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Endless scribbling, fragments of thought, meditations on the existence and emergence of an autonomous artificial entity. A fragmented copy of an organic being, communicating its thoughts in the only way that it can, by writing whatever passes through its mind. The physical machine is a bespoke construction of 3D printed parts, scavenged hardware from old printers, and contemporary “open hardware” parts used in the construction of 3D printers. A Raspberry Pi computer generates the handwriting from a trained neural network and artificial intelligence to produce a continuous stream of handwritten text.


Bill Hart has a PhD in software art and is the co ordinator of Electroinc Meida and lecturer at Tasmanian College of the Arts at the University of Tasmania. He has been experimenting with digital imaging for almost twenty years, and has exhibited his prints, software art and immersive installations both nationally and internationally.

Keep going, on to infinity, folding and folding...
- Samatha Clark (2007) _The Subtle Ether_. after Helge von Koch (1904)
Bill Hart (AUS)
ArtScience Museum [Level 4 Expressions Gallery]
An Autonomous Writing Machine 
Microbites of Innovation Artwork [Details]
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