C&C 2019 Call for Workshops

Accepted Workshops

We are happy to announce the list of accepted workshops for C&C and DIS 2019. From this list you can view each workshop's call for participation and instructions for registering.

Important Dates

Deadlines are specified as Anywhere on Earth time.

Workshops Chairs

Call Description

ACM Creativity & Cognition is a multi-disciplinary conference covering a broad range of topics. The conference brings together artists and scientists, designers, educators, and researchers. We seek to understand human creativity in its many manifestations, to design new interactive techniques and tools to augment and amplify human creativity, and to use computational media technologies to explore new creative processes and artifacts in all human endeavors ranging from the arts to science, from design to education. The goal of workshops and tutorials is to foster discussions and innovative experiences via collaborations and lessons from different areas.

Organizers should plan on promoting their event amongst their own peer networks and on mailing lists. The event will also be published on the conference website. Workshop organizers are responsible for producing any publications of any workshop proceedings, if desired. Workshops and tutorials may be cancelled or combined if there is insufficient participation.

Other notes:

Format and Submission Details

Proposals should be up to 5 pages long (extra pages allowed for citations) following the ACM SIGCHI extended abstract template. The submission should include:

Where to Submit

Please submit via the Precision Conference (PCS) website below:

Once you have logged into the PCS website, select the following options under "Submissions" and click the Go button.