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The 14th ACM conference on Creativity & Cognition, 20-23, June 2022

The organising committee invites you in-person to a week of art, science, and networking at a four-day conference in Venice, Italy on 20-23, June 2022. 

Conference Registration is open here



Creativity involves the generation, exploration, and interpretation of novel and valuable ideas, and spans a wide variety of fields, including the humanities, social sciences, engineering, art, design, choreography, computer science, psychology, and education. C&C 2022 invites contributions in typical research formats – papers, posters, demos, workshops and tutorials – and in more sensory, experiential forms – pictorials and artworks. See the call for participation for more details.

Since 1993, this conference series brings together artists, scientists, designers, educators, and researchers to more deeply understand how people engage individually and socially in creative processes and how computation and other technology can affect creative outcomes.

The conference will explore the themes of creativity, craft and design that are strongly connected to Venice. After our virtual conference in 2021, which opened up Venice to the world, in 2022 the world will come to Venice to discover, engage with and learn about creativity, craft and design, including how craft and design is reshaping the Venetian region.



A black-and-white figure. There is a high tower at the right of the figure and a lower building beside the tower


Theme: Creativity, Craft, and Design

Creativity, craft, and design are strongly connected to Venice. Venice and the Veneto are renowned for the development and retention of craft design skills in, for example, glass, furniture, fashion and clothing, printing, and architecture. Creativity, art, and culture are reshaping business and design in the region. The city’s cultural and creative industries are increasing influential at the intersections of creativity, innovation, design, and marketing. 

To reflect this location, the C&C 2022 conference is especially seeking contributions that explore the intersections of creativity, craft, and design.



Conference location in June 2022: San Servolo, Venice

Venice is one of the world’s great cities for art and culture. It also has a strong tradition in design, creativity, and craft. Venice is also one of the world’s most beautiful cities – a place that recognizes the importance of aesthetics in its buildings, its activities, and its people. Moreover, during each summer, the city becomes one of the world’s largest arts and architecture festivals.

San Servolo is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, to the southeast of San Giorgio Maggiore. Earlier housing a monastery of Benedictine monks, later an asylum for the insane, the island is now home to a museum, Venice International University, and the prestigious International College of Ca’ Foscari University. The Isola is a secluded and dedicated site, only 10 minutes from the center of Venice. It provides a beautiful, inspirational, and reflective location for a conference about creativity and cognition.

The San Servolo island offers up to 330 beds, available as single, twin and larger rooms, which can be shared. There are 60 single rooms and a smaller number of twin rooms. Delegates can individually book accommodation in these rooms, offered as part of the conference package.

A figure of the conference location in June 2022: San Servolo, Venice. There is a boat on the river at the center of the figure. In further view, there are several buildings on the other side of the river. At the closer side, there are two benches at left and two people walking by.

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This conference is a SIGCHI event

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