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Organizing Committee

General Chairs

Celine Latulipe

University of Manitoba

Portrait of Brian Bailey,

Brian Bailey

University of Illinois at Urbana

Program Chair

Portrait of Ellen Do, University of Colorado Boulder

Ellen Do

University of Colorado

Paper Chairs

Sarah Fdili Aloui

Université Paris Saclay

Duri Long

Northwestern University

Pictorials Chairs

Portrait of Miriam Sturdee, Lancaster University

Miriam Sturdee

Lancaster University

Portrait of Joep Frens, Eindhoven University of Technology

Joep Frens

Eindhoven University of Technology

Artworks Chairs

Deborah Turnbull Tillman

University of New South Wales

Hallie Sanclemente Morrison

Independent Artist-Scholar

Posters and Demos Chairs

Portrait of Dishita Turakhia, MIT CSAIL

Dishita Turakhia


Viveka Weiley


Workshops and Tutorials Chairs

Portrait of Joel Chan, University of Maryland

Joel Chan

University of Maryland

Portrait of Stephen MacNeil, Temple University

Stephen MacNeil

Temple University

Graduate Student Symposium Chairs

Portrait of San Won Lee, Virginia Tech

Sang Won Lee

Virginia Tech

Lydia Chilton

Columbia University

Michael Mose Biskjaer

Aarhus University

Undergraduate Research Track Chair

Portrait of Ellen Do, University of Colorado Boulder

Ellen Do

University of Colorado

Student Volunteer Chairs

Portrait of an avatar

Amna Liaqat

University of Toronto

Corey Ford

Queen Mary University of London

Publications Chairs

Sam Ferguson

University of Technology Sydney

Andrew Webb

Louisiana State University

Conference Experience Chair

Portrait of an avatar

Vlad Kolzeev

City University of London

Web Chairs

Portrait of Bradley Rey, University of British Columbia

Bradley Rey

University of British Columbia

Portrait of Jane E, UCSD

Jane E

University of California at San Diego

Treasury Chair

Portrait of Steven Dow

Steven Dow

University of California at San Diego

Registration Chairs

Portrait of Grace Yen

Grace Yen

John Joon Young Chung

University of Michigan

Sponsorship Chair

Portrait of Joy Kim, Adobe Research

Joy Kim

Adobe Research

Publicity Chairs

Nanna Inie

IT University of Copenhagen

Portrait of Jeanette Falk, University of Salzburg

Jeanette Falk Olesen

University of Salzburg

Accessibility Chair

Franklin Mingzhe Li

Carnegie Mellon University

Portrait of Tiffany Knearem, Google

Tiffany Knearem


Virtual Space Designer

Rocio von Jungenfeld

University of Kent

Local Arrangements Chairs

Creativity and Cognition 2023 is being held on GatherTown, while Creativity and Cognition 2024 will be held in-person in Chicago. Are you interested in being a Local Arrangements Chair for Creativity and Cognition 2024? If so, please contact the General Chairs.