Organizing Committee

Open call for C&C 2021 Accessibility Chairs 

We are committed to provide an accessible and inclusive online environment and invite interested applicants for the Accessibility Chair role to complete the Expression of Interest form, deadline 23th April 2021, with decisions to be made before the end of May. Accessibility related values, knowledge, and experience are required. The virtual conference will be using technologies such as Zoom and, and the Chairs will be responsible to identify and troubleshoot potential accessibility problems with these technologies, as well as specific accessibility needs that participants may have.

 Virtual Conference Chairs 2021

Brian Bailey
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Ellen Do
University of Colorado Boulder
Celine Latulipe
University of Manitoba

General Chairs

Neil Maiden
City, University of London
Corina Sas
Lancaster University

Papers Chairs

Kumiyo Nakakoji
Future University Hakodate
Narges Mahyar
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Pictorials Chairs

Eli Blevis
Indiana University
Jennifer Jacobs
University of California Santa Barbara

Artworks Chairs

Silvia Casini
University of Aberdeen
Camilla Salvaneschi
Università Iuav di Venezia and University of Aberdeen

Workshops and Tutorials Chairs

Dan Lockton
Carnegie Mellon University
Joel Chan
University of Maryland

Posters and Demos Chairs;

Alwin de Rooij
Tilburg University
Duri Long
Georgia Institute of Technology

Publication Chair 2021

Konstantinos Zachos
City, University of London

Conference Experience Chair

Nanna Inie
IT University of Cogenhagen

Website Chair

Muhammad Umair
Lancaster University

Treasury Chair

Nuno Jardim Nunes
Technical University of Lisbon

Graduate Student Symposium Chairs

Michael Mose Biskjaer
Aarhus University
Ellen Do
University of Colorado Boulder
Sara Jones
City, University of London

Publicity Chairs

John Rooksby
Northumbria University
Ellen Do
University of Colorado Boulder
Samantha Shorey
University of Texas at Austin
Kazjon Grace
University of Sydney

Student Volunteer Chair

Nicolai B. Hansen
Eindhoven University of Technology
Mahmood Jasim
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amanda Brown
City, University of London

C&C21 Steering Committee

Andruid Kerne, Texas A&M University
Brian Bailey, University of Illinois
Celine Latulipe, University of Manitoba
Ellen Yi-Luen Do, University of Colorado Boulder
Ernest Edmonds, De Montfort University, Leicester
Nick Bryan-Kinns, Queen Mary University of London
Sam Ferguson, University of Technology Sydney
Thecla Schiphorst, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
Yukari Nagai, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

C&C21 Program Committee

Benjamin Bach (Edinburgh University)

Aditya Bharadwaj (Virginia Tech)

Michael Mose Biskjaer (Aarhus University)

Peter Dalsgaard (Aarhus University)

Clement Zheng (National University of Singapore)

Augusto Esteves (ITI / LARSyS, University of Lisbon)

Judith Fan (Stanford University)

Yi-Ching Huang (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Samuel Huron (Institut Polytechnique de Paris)

Nanna Inie (IT University of Copenhagen)

Giulio Jacucci (University of Helsinki)

Ajit Jain (Texas A&M University)

Sara Jones (City, University of London)

Joy Kim (Adobe Research)

Sandra Bae (University of Colorado)

Boriana Koleva (University of Nottingham)

Sang Won Lee (Virginia Tech)

Derek Lomas (TU Delft)

Danielle Lottridge (University of Auckland)

Brian Magerko (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Mary Lou Maher (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Ali Mazalek (Ryerson University)

Anna Kantosalo (University of Helsinki)

Alex Mitchell (National University of Singapore)

Yukari Nagai (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Koya Narumi (The University of Tokyo)

HyunJoo Oh (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Jeanette Olesen (Aarhus University)

Vineet Pandey (Harvard University)

Laura Perovich (Northeastern University)

Kazjon Grace (The University of Sydney)

Cheryl Qian (Purdue University)

Alexander Quinn (Purdue University)

Jean Song (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Aneesh Tarun (Ryerson University)

George Tzanetakis (University of Victoria)

Katia Vega (University of California Davis)

Andrew Webb (Independent Researcher)

Anna Xambó (De Montfort University)

Cindy Xiong (Northwestern University)

Yu-Chun Yen (University of California, San Diego)