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Accommodation in Venice and C&C’22

The C&C22 conference does not recommend a specific conference hotel. Nor does it have special arrangements with any named hotels. Instead, it encourages you to explore the wide range of accommodation options that are available. In Venice, there is something to meet everyone’s needs and budgets. 

On this page, we provide some guidance. This guidance covers the city of Venice, the Isola San Servolo where the conference will be held, and the neighboring city of Mestre.

Staying in Venice

Venice is one of the world’s great tourist destinations, and as a result, it has evolved to have a vast number and range of accommodation. In 2021, the historical center had over 30,000 hotel beds and over 5000 properties registered on AirBnB. Both the hotels and apartment rentals are available for all price ranges.

Venice is only 2 miles long and, at its maximum, 1 mile wide, so all of its venues, accommodation and attractions are relatively close to each other. It will not be difficult to reach the conference venue from most parts of Venice. That said, if you are looking for somewhere that enables you just to fall out of bed, grab a cappuccino, and catch the boat the conference each morning, then you are looking for somewhere close to San Zaccaria, just to the east of the Piazza San Marco. Some of the hotels in this immediate locale that warrant a special mention:

  1. The Pensione Wildner A 3* hotel on the waterfront with a great restaurant. 
  2. The Hotel Sant’Antonin A 3* hotel based in an old family villa with gorgeous gardens, and about 5 minutes from San Zaccaria. 
  3. The Hotel Bisanzo A 4* hotel just one minute from the waterfront.

Of course, there are many others. If you are seeking specific advice about them, reach out to the conference organizers.

You may also be seeking a more personalized stay in Venice, via local agencies that provide access to fantastic Venetian homes. One of these is Truly Venice Not only will Truly Venice arrange your accommodation, but also it will support your travel to the apartment from wherever you are arriving in the city.

Staying on Isola San Servolo

The conference venue on Isola San Servolo has also offers accommodation at the island’s residence center. Information about the residence center is available at This accommodation is available to C&C22 delegates. Rooms are available as single, twin and larger rooms, which can be shared. Prices start from €103 per night. You can see some of these rooms below.

To book accommodation in the residence center, please download the accommodation form here,  complete and sign it, and return it to the email address shown on the form. If you have questions about the booking, contact the center at this email address.

Rooms in the residence center will be reserved to C&C’22 delegates until the 15th April 2022. After that date, room bookings will be opened up to other visitors.

San Servolo is a private island with only the amenities offered by the conference venue and residence center. Outside of the conference start and end times, access to and from the island will be via the vaporetti, the public water buses. Use the line no.20. The up-to-date timetable for the no.20 is available and can be downloaded from here

Staying in Mestre

The last few years have seen a rapid expansion in the number of hotel beds and property rentals in nearby Mestre – a 15-minute tram or bus ride from the other side of Venice. Mestre tends to be cheaper than Venice, and has evolved to cater for visitors on low budgets. If you are wanting to spend the time needed to take a bus or tram over the causeway into Venice each morning, then Mestre can be a good cheaper option.