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Conference GSS

Graduate Student Symposium Papers Published at C&C 2022

A computer that sketches along with you 
Alexandra Bremers

Toward a Deeper Understanding of Data and Materiality 
Sandra Bae

Redefining access to large audiovisual archives through embodied experiences in immersive environments 
Giacomo Alliata

Glitch Serendipity: Alternative Information Seeking that Leads to Discovery 
Aaron Juarez

Creative Virtual Collaboration Through the Lens of Design Science Research
Pia Gebbing

Fashion and Sustainable Practices: Fashionable Companion Robots
Zaiqiao Ye

The Technical Dilemmas of Creative Design and Rapid Prototyping for Immersive Storytelling
Assem Kroma

Artificial Creative Societies: Adaption, Intention, and Evaluation
Max Peeperkorn

Creating Platforms to Support Craft and Creativity in Game Controller Design 
Peter Gyory

Graduate Student Symposium Papers Published at C&C 2021, Being Presented at C&C 2022

Remixing, Seeing, and Curating: Algorithms’ Influence on Human Creativity
Laura Herman

Concept Formation in Computational Creativity: a Comparative Study of Algorithmic Approaches
Giovanni Lion

Designing for Aesthetic Experience
Christian Sivertsen 

Movement-based Music Making: An Aesthetics-based Evaluation
Doga Cavdir