C&C’22 is planned to be an in-person conference. Delegates will travel to Venice to meet and attend the diverse range of events, from the tool demonstrations to the art exhibition.

Alas, COVID is likely to remain a factor in our lives throughout 2022. As a consequence, some of you might have concerns about traveling to and attending in-person conferences again. The C&C’22 Organising Committee recognises these concerns. It is taking steps to alleviate them, and to provide a conference experience that is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

The behaviour of Italians might surprise delegates comes from countries such as the United States or United Kingdom. Italy’s governments and states have implemented strict rules to limit the spread of the COVID virus. These rules have been effective, and Italy has been largely unaffected by new outbreaks taking place in other countries. Moreover, most of the population follows rules such as mask wearing indoors in public spaces and the use of COVID passes to enter events. At the time of posting (November 2021), over 78% of Italy’s population have received at least one vaccine dose, and 73% of the population are fully vaccinated – percentages much higher than the averages for the European Union. In June 2022, we anticipate that the city of Venice will be operating as normal as a city for its residents and visitors, as it was in June 2021. As such, Italy remains one of the safest countries in which to hold an in-person conference, and Venice will be a safe place.

Furthermore, C&C’22 will take place on Isola San Servolo, a private island in the Venetian lagoon that can only be reached by boat, and is not open to the general public. This will restrict exposure to non-delegates. Our conference hosts the Venice International University, implements strict COVID containment rules required by the Italian State and the local Veneto Region. At the time of posting (November 2021), these include

  • To enter the conference site, showing a valid COVID-19 certificate (Green Pass) or equivalent that shows that each delegate is fully vaccinated against the virus;
  • Effective social distancing during sessions and coffee breaks;
  • And compulsory mask-wearing when indoors, at all times. 

Furthermore, the conference will take place in June 2022, when the Venetian weather is sunny and day temperatures are typically 26 or 27C. San Servolo island has extensive outdoors spaces and gardens that we will use for coffee breaks, lunches and receptions. Delegates will be free to use these outdoor spaces to meet and talk during the conference.

A picture with trees and grass on the ground. There is a white bench on the right of the figure.
A figure of the sitting and dining area beside the red building. There are several trees in the picture.

Taken together, C&C’22’s location, climate and management provide a set of measures that are intended to provide a safe environment for the conference delegates.