Location in 2022

The conference will take place at the heart of Venice, Italy. Venice is one of the world’s great cities for art and culture. It also has a strong tradition in design, creativity and craft. Venice is also one of world’s most beautiful cities – a place that recognizes the importance of aesthetic in its buildings, its activities and its people. Moreover, during each summer, the city becomes one of the world’s largest arts and architecture festivals. During the summer of 2022, Venice will be hosting the Arts Biennale. 

Furthermore, Venice is compact – a small city that is fully pedestrianized and easy to move around – ideal for accessibility and movement to and the conference, and between conference sites.

The conference will be held at the Venice International University Campus at San Servolo. San Servolo is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, to the southeast of San Giorgio Maggiore. Earlier housing a monastery of Benedictine monks, later an asylum for the insane, the island is how home to a museum, Venice International University and the prestigious International College of Ca’ Foscari University. The Isola is a secluded and dedicated site, only 10 minutes from the centre of Venice. It provides a beautiful, inspiration and reflective location for a conference about creativity and cognition.

A white building with ‘Isola Di San Servolo’ above the entrance. A coconut tree at the left of the figure.
A red 2-floor building on the right side of the figure. The major areas of the figure are covered by grass and trees.
An overview picture of the conference location. There is an island at the center of the river with several buildings.