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Accepted Submissions

Presenters of Papers and Pictorials will have a presention slot of 10 minutes followed by 3 minutes for QA.

Research Papers Published at C&C22

The following research papers have been unconditionally and conditionally accepted for presentation and publication at C&C22:

Creative and Motivational Strategies Used by Expert Creative Practitioners (Best Paper Award)
By Molly Jane Nicholas, Sarah Sterman and Eric Paulos

MIDISpace: Finding linear directions in latent space for music generation (Honourable Mention Award)
By Meliksah Turker, Alara Dirik and Pinar Yanardag

Cracking the code – Co-coding with AI in creative programming education (Honourable Mention Award)
By Martin Jonsson and Jakob Tholander

Flow with the Beat! Human-Centered Design of Virtual User Environments for Musical Creativity Support in VR (Honourable Mention Award)
By Ruben Schlagowski, Fabian Wildgrube, Silvan Mertes, Ceenu George and Elisabeth André

Escape!Bot: Social Robots as Creative Problem-Solving Partners (Honourable Mention Award)
By Safinah Ali, Nisha Elizabeth Devasia and Cynthia Breazeal

Exploring Bodily Heirlooms: Material Ways to Prolong Closeness Beyond Death (Honourable Mention Award)
By Janne Mascha Beuthel and Verena Fuchsberger

Goldwork Embroidery: Interviews with Practitioners on Working with Metallic Materials and Opportunities for E-textile Hybrid Crafts
By Lee Jones and Sara Nabil

Zooming in on the Effect of Sociometric Signals on Different Stages of the Design Process
By Steffi Kohl, Kay Schröder, Mark Graus, Emir Efendic  and Jos Lemmink

Co-gnito: a Participatory Physicalization Game for Urban Mental Mapping Georgia
By Georgia Panagiotidou, Sinem Görücü, Eslam Nofal, Müge Akkar Ercan and Andrew Vande Moere

Shedding Ageist Perceptions of Making: Collaborative Creativity in Older Adult Maker Communities
By India Anderson and Dhaval Vyas

Modding the Pliable Machine: Creative and Social Practice of Upkeep at the Makerspace
By Sophie Landwehr, Martin Jonsson and Jakob Tholander

Curating Interactive Art for Online Conferences: Artist, Curator and Technologist Experiences in Gather.Town
By Celine Latulipe and Deborah J Turnbull

How Researchers Manage Ideas
By Nanna Inie, Jonas Frich and Peter Dalsgaard

Improving Subject Representation in AI Generated Art: Design Guidelines for Using Image Prompts with Text-to-Image Generative Models
By Han Qiao, Vivian Liu and Lydia B Chilton

Cognitive Strategy Prompts: Creativity Triggers for Human-centered AI Opportunity Detection
By Johannes Schleith, Milda Norkute, Mary Mikhail and Daniella Tsar

Identifying Cognitive and Creative Support Needs for Remote Scientific Collaboration using VR: Practices, Affordances, and Design Implications
By Monsurat Olaosebikan, Claudia Aranda Barrios, Blessing Kolawole, Lenore J Cowen and Orit Shaer

Designing for Self-Awareness:Supporting Students’ Reflective Interactions based on Photos
By Marije ten Brink, Tamara Witschge, Bert Bredeweg, Ben Schouten

Explorations of Interactive Research Artifacts in Use: Applying Research
through Design to Understand Ways Scholars Leverage Interactivity in
their Research Practices
By Amanda Nicole Curtis

Readymades & Repertoires: Artifact-Mediated Improvisation in Tabletop Role-Playing Games
By Philip Tchernavskij, Andrew M. Webb, Hayden Gemeinhardt and Wendy E. Mackay

Watch Me Write: Exploring the Effects of Revealing Creative Writing Process through Writing Replay
By Dashiel Carrera and Sang Won Lee

Understanding User Perceptions, Collaborative Experience and User Engagement in Different Human-AI Interaction Designs for Co-Creative Systems
By Jeba Rezwana and Mary Lou Maher

Identifying Engagement in Children’s Interaction whilst Composing Digital Music at Home
By Corey Ford and Nick Bryan-Kinns

Exploring Affordances through Design-after-Design: The Re-purposing of an Exhibition Artefact by Museum Visitors
By Petros Ioannidis and Anders Sundnes Løvlie

Sand Playground: Designing Human-AI physical Interface for Co-creation in Motion
By Dina EL-Zanfaly, Yiwei Huang and Yanwen Dong

Visualizing Isadora Duncan’s Movements Qualities
By Manon Vialle, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Vennila Vilvanathan, Elisabeth Schwartz and Remi Ronfard

Pictorials Published at C&C’22

The following pictorials have been unconditionally and conditionally accepted for presentation and publication at C&C22:

Conversations with Myself: Sketching Workshop Experiences in Design Epistemology (Best Pictorial Award)
By Mafalda Gamboa 

Exploring Kolam as An Ecofeminist Computational Art Practice (Honourable Mention Award)
By Gopinaath Kannabiran and Anuradha Reddy     

Portraying What’s in Front of You: Virtual Tours and Online Whiteboards
to Facilitate Art Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Honourable Mention Award)
By Makayla Lewis, Mauro Toselli, Ruth Baker, Julia Rédei and Claire Ohlenschlager           

Drawing Conversations Mediated by AI
By Paulina Yurman and Anuradha Reddy

Do Humans Dream of Digital Devices? Subconscious User Experiences and Narratives
By Miriam Sturdee, Makayla Lewis and John Miers                                                                                       

Tapis Magique: Large-scale Machine-knitted Pressure-sensitive Electronic Textile Carpet for Interactive Dance and Immersive Environments
By Irmandy Wicaksono, Don Derek Haddad and Joe Paradiso                                       

Blue Ceramics: Co-designing Morphing Ceramics for Seagrass Meadow Restoration
By Rachel Ann Arredondo, Ofri Dar, Kylon Chiang, Arielle Blonder and Lining Yao

Motion-Centric Tools to Reflect on Digital Creative Experiences and Created Outputs
By Yen-Ting Cho, Yen-Ling Kuo, Yen-Ting Yeh, Huai-Hsuan Liang and Yu-Ting Li  

Build Your Own Arcade Machine with Tinycade
By Peter Gyory, Perry Owens, Matthew Bethancourt, Amy Banic, Clement Zheng and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Movement Interaction with a Loudspeaker: an Index of Possibilities
By Georgios Marentakis                                                               

Visualizing Crocheting Overlay
By Sookyung Cho, Lillian Nguyen, Yinyin Wen, Yoshino Goto and Seungcheol Austin Lee         

Objectifying the Gaze
Liat Lavi, Roy Amit and Sharon Israel

Research Papers Published at C&C’21, Being Presented at C&C’22

The following research papers were accepted to and published as part of the virtual C&C’21 conference, and also being presented in person at the C&C’22 conference:

FabO: Integrating Fabrication with a Player’s Gameplay in Existing Digital Games
By Dishita G. Turakhia, Harrison Mitchell Allen, Kayla DesPortes and Stefanie Mueller

Tangible Interaction for Children’s Creative Learning: A Review
By Meng Liang, Yanhong Li, Thomas Weber and Heinrich Hussmann

SonAmi: A Tangible Creativity Support Tool for Productive Procrastination
By Jekaterina Belakova and Wendy E. Mackay

Learning Embodied Sound-Motion Mappings: Evaluating AI-Generated Dance Improvisation
By Benedikte Wallace, Charles P. Martin, Jim Tørresen and Kristian Nymoen

Conceptualising Sound-Driven Design: an Exploratory Discourse Analysis
By Stefano Delle Monache, Nicolas Misdariis and Elif Ozcan

“It’s Just a Graph” – The Effect of Post-Hoc Rationalisation on InfoVis Evaluation
By Rosa van Koningsbruggen and Eva Hornecker

Stories Incarnate: Embodied Interactive Storytelling for Live Performance
By Marisa Samek, Tudor Tibu, Richard Lachman and Ali Mazalek

The Role of Collaboration, Creativity, and Embodiment in AI Learning Experiences
By Duri Long, Aadarsh Padiyath, Anthony Teachey and Brian Magerko

Pictorials Published at C&C’21, Being Presented at C&C’22

The following pictorials were accepted to and published as part of the virtual C&C’21 conference, and also being presented in person at the C&C’22 conference:

Fluid Speculations: Drawing Artefacts in Watercolour as Experimentation in Research Through Design
By Paulina Yurman

A Visual Exploration of Cyber Security Concepts
By Miriam Sturdee, Lauren Thornton, Bhagya Wimalasiri and Sameer Patil