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Conference Demos

Demos Published at C&C 2022

Demonstrating DIY Methods for Actuating Morphing Matter
Harshika Jain, Melinda Chen, Alisha Collins, Lining Yao, Sunniva Liu, Riya Bobde, Cindy Liu

Tekniverse: A world that connects signals, data, and people
Sibel Guler

A multi-technique tool for supporting creative thinking by sports coaches
Konstantinos Zachos, James Lockerbie, Amanda Brown, Stephanie Terwindt, Sam Steele, Aimee Kyffin, Bassam Jabry, Clarence Ng, Alex Wolf, Pete Goodman, Neil Maiden

Calliope: A Co-creative Interface for Multi-Track Music Generation
Renaud Bougueng Tchemeube, Jeffrey Ens, Philippe Pasquier

A creative intelligence tool for journalistsĀ 
Neil Maiden, Konstantinos Zachos

Google Home, Listen: Building Helper Intelligences for Non-Verbal SoundĀ 
Zhenfang Chen, Daragh Byrne, Dina EL-Zanfaly

The Idea Machine: LLM-based Expansion, Re-Writing, Combination, and Suggestion of IdeasĀ 
Giulia Di Fede, Davide Rocchesso, Steven P. Dow, Salvatore Andolina

Demos Published at C&C 2021, Being Presented at C&C 2022

Concept Craft Cards
Fiona French, Clara Mancini, Helen Sharp